Missouri Lawmakers Seeking to Overturn Ordinance that Will Turn State Into ‘Abortion Sanctuary City’

From Townhall.com: “Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is concerned that an ordinance is going to turn St. Louis into an “abortion sanctuary city.” The law, proposed by the city, states that “an employer, labor union, or employment agency may NOT discriminate on the basis of reproductive health decisions or pregnancy status, nor may it advertise a preference.” In other words, in order to protect “reproductive rights,” institutions may be forced to hire abortion activists and rent to pro-abortion groups.”

So, if the left doesn’t like the state or federal law they can just make it a “sanctuary city”? Nope, this crap needs to stop NOW! There is no such thing as a sanctuary city! All cities are covered under Federal law and are not exempt from anything that the rest of the country isn’t.

Here’s a thought, why don’t we conservatives declare cities all over the country as “Sanctuary Cities” free from idiotic liberal logic, politics, and political correctness? That would be fantastic!

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