Vietnam Blogger Jailed for 10 Years

From Yahoo News: “A prominent Vietnamese blogger known as ‘Mother Mushroom’ was jailed for 10 years on Thursday, her lawyer said, during a brief trial rights groups decried as “outrageous”.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, whose pen name derives from her daughter’s nickname “mushroom”, was arrested in October 2016 and later charged with anti-state propaganda over critical Facebook posts about politics and the environment.

Vietnam’s one-party state keeps a tight clamp on dissent and routinely jails activists, bloggers and lawyers who speak out against the communist regime.”

This, America, is what happens when people start calling for the heads of other citizens with differing political views. When the government of a free society starts going down the road of censoring opposing views, this is what you get – Marxism and Tyranny.

The left would so quickly give away our freedom to satisfy their socialist desires. but when the government is given the responsibility of protecting its people from “dangerous thought”, then none of its citizens are safe from prosecution.

So people on both sides of the political aisle need to think about this next time they call for a citizen’s speech to be silenced. Threats of harm and violence should not be tolerated in a free society, but a person’s right to speak his or her mind should always be protected, no matter how much you may disagree.

Think about this – do you want to live in a society where the Government has the power to punish you for your very thoughts? If it has that power, it will surely use it. And remember this – One day, your party won’t be the party in power, and then you may be the one put in prison for your opinion.

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