Are Asteroids the New Global Warming?

Yesterday, released an alarmist article about how asteroid strikes are humanity’s greatest challenge. In the article, Rolf Densing, who heads the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany, decried, “We are not ready to defend ourselves” against an Earth-bound object, said Densing. “We have no active planetary defence measures.”

Now that the man-made global warming scam (or climate change, or whatever it’s called now) is finally starting to fall apart, something else needs to take it’s place. An extinction-sized asteroid strike is the perfect harbinger of doom and should suit the left’s socialist agenda quite nicely.

Mark my words. Before too long, governments from all over the globe will start insisting that countries be forced to contribute to a common ‘Asteroid Defense Fund’ or some such. Perhaps the U.N. will control it, or maybe some other international force will be formed, but what better way to finally get the foot of a global government through the door! Imagine all of the infrastructure that would need to be built by union workers, all of the teams of government-funded researchers and scientists that would need to be hired, and the amount of very expensive, New World Order propaganda would be unparalleled! And, or course, any government worth it’s salt needs to have a military to enforce its laws, and make sure everyone is in line and paying their taxes.

You all just wait and see. Al Gore will be standing in front of a podium, addressing an endless sea of fervent Gaia worshipers and pounding his fists while decrying that we have only days to act before the big one hits. Believe me, global warming will be only a distant memory once this ball gets rolling.

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